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Oil Changes

Oil Changes

Why it’s so important to change your oil regularly.

It boosts your gas mileage.

Oil keeps your engine lubricated, allowing all the moving parts to work together efficiently. The more efficiently your engine runs, the less fuel is needed to make it run.

That means you can go farther on every tank and you’ll spend less time at the filling station and keep more cash in your pocket.

It keeps your engine clean and running smoothly.

Oil collects the dirt, water, dust, and sludge in your car’s engine every time your car runs. It’s good for your engine – the cleaner it is, the less unnecessary friction and corrosion takes place. But after a while, the oil gets thick and sludgy.

If it’s too thick and dirty, the oil can’t clean the engine efficiently, kind of like trying to vacuum with a full container.

It prevents your engine from overheating.

Some parts of the engine produce heat and others release it. The oil moves through the engine as it runs, taking heat from the hot parts and releasing it in the cooler parts. When it gets old, thick, dirty, or low, it can’t move through the engine as well.

Overheating is one of the most obvious problems caused by infrequent oil changes or a low oil level. Most cars have a temperature gauge next to the speedometer but your engine will start to smoke if it gets really hot.

It extends the life of your engine.

Routine maintenance, including keeping plenty of clean oil in your car, keeps your engine healthy and happy. A clean engine with a regulated temperature is an efficient engine. It’ll need fewer parts replaced and it’ll keep your car running longer.